How To Be a Rockstar Pregnant Dad
Serenity and I are now 18 weeks pregnant, and we couldn’t be more excited! I’ve enjoyed finding ways to contribute to the health of our baby and to make the experience more fun for all of us. It is teaching me how to surrender, trust, and serve, and I’m excited to share what I’ve learned with other soon-to-be dads. 
Our Non-Traditional Paleo Low-Budget Wedding Extravaganza
Serenity Kids was partially inspired by our desire to get married and have children. Hear the story of our epic paleo wedding adventure done on a tight budget. The ceremony took place in the middle of the woods, in a clearing a short hike up a dirt...
Obesity Starts in Infancy - Interview with Dr. Michelle Levit
Pediatric Obesity Specialist Dr. Michelle Levitt has 20 years as a practicing board certified pediatrician, and she's taken on the mission of educating families about how to use food to prevent childhood obesity and other illnesses. Learn simple ways you can improve the health of your family!
The Story of Our Baby Food
My husband Joe and I were planning to have a child, and we got excited about looking for Paleo baby food, but we couldn’t find anything! I searched in grocery stores, baby stores, online—nothing! That’s how the idea for Serenity Kids...
Our Story
Heartburn, anxiety, and insomnia—the story of my life! My well-meaning mother was a vegetarian while pregnant with me. I was born early and got my first of many ear infections/rounds of antibiotics when I was two weeks old. I had colic and cried for...
Why Our Babies Are Sick, And Why Paleo Baby Food Is The Answer
Shocked. I couldn’t believe it. Joe and I plan to have a child, so, last year, at Paleo f(x), we got excited about looking for Paleo baby food but couldn’t even find one booth devoted to kids. So we asked...