Organic Carrot Baby Food Pouch
Organic Carrot Baby Food Pouch
Organic Carrot Baby Food Pouch
Organic Carrot Baby Food Pouch
Carrot puree recipe and no sweet potato puree - More baby food recipes on our website - Serenity Kids
No blender or food processor needed - Only the desired consistency - Serenity Kids
Puree carrots and cook carrots are so delicious - Only the best raw carrots to get essential nutrients - Serenity Kids

6 Months +

Organic Carrot Baby Food Pouch

6 Count

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  • Farm-to-high-chair organic veggiesFarm-to-high-chair organic veggies
  • No sugary fruits or added sugarNo sugary fruits or added sugar
  • 5g healthy fat for essential fatty acids & development5g healthy fat for essential fatty acids & development
  • Simple ingredients for early flavor introsSimple ingredients for early flavor intros
  • USDA Certified Organic & Non-GMO Project verifiedUSDA Certified Organic & Non-GMO Project verified
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Organic Carrot Baby Food Pouch

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you can return them for a full refund up to 100 days after your order.

Created with 5g of healthy fats per serving for growing bodies & brains

Our Organic Carrots baby food pouch is packed with nutrition and flavor because every bite counts! This savory blend of their favorite root carrot puree for baby veggies has zero added sugars or sugary fruits which allows your little one to develop a love for the rich taste of root veggies at an early age. We add organic olive oil for essential fatty acids that encourage nutrient absorption and aid in brain development. Plus, Serenity Kids only uses the highest quality of ingredients that are USDA-certified organic and grown exclusively on American farms!


  • 5 Simple Ingredients
  • USDA Certified Organic Veggies
  • Essential Fatty Acids

Free From

  • Gluten
  • Grains
  • Dairy
  • Nuts

  • Eggs
  • Fillers
  • Added Sugars
  • GMOs

Full Ingredients: Organic Carrot Medley: organic carrot, organic purple carrot, organic yellow carrot, water, organic olive oil.


In the sunny central valley of California, farming is one of the predominant industries. Meet Grimmway Farms (who trace their roots to a small produce stand opened originally by the Grim brothers). Today, Grimmway is the world’s largest producer of carrots, and we’re so lucky they grow the organic vegetables (all-year-round!) found in our pouch purees. Grimmway Farms acquired Cal-Organic farms in 2001; at that time, there was not really much of a market for organic produce. However, the Grimmway founders saw the potential of growing organic produce to increase availability and preserve the land with a more sustainable approach to farming. Regenerative agriculture and organic produce lie at the heart of their business’ mission and values. Beyond treating the earth and their products with TLC, Grimmway treats their employees like family and creates a sense of community in the local area. “There is a focus at all levels on improving the lives of employees and the community at large and it evident in the manner in which business is conducted.,” says Gina Erb, Grimmway Veggies Technical Sales Manager. We’re proud to partner with Grimmway Veggies due to their sustainability practices, regenerative farming, organic products, and commitment and dedication to quality.




Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know the answers to some of our products? See below for our list of answers.

We asked this same question because we value protecting the environment in a very big way here at Serenity Kids. After all, we want to protect the future of our planet for the babies we are raising right now! We recognize that plastic poses a variety of environmental problems. While exploring glass packaging options, we were shocked to find out that convenient pouches like ours actually have a smaller carbon footprint than jars. Why? Because for every one truckload of pouches, glass jars will fill up 26 truckloads of the same number of units! Given the resources required to produce, transport, and dispose of glass, mixed with the overwhelming consumer demand for squeeze pouches, we decided to launch our company with pouched products. However, we are exploring other packaging options that we may adopt in the future depending on consumer demand. We are always listening to our customers so if you have a hot tip on new packaging, please let us know by emailing us. If you’d like to recycle your pouches, you’re in luck! Our partnership with TerraCycle allows you to request a free envelope to mail back your empty pouches to be recycled.

Yes! Our pouches are made from BPA-free plastic and the caps are recyclable anywhere that plastic is recycled. The pouches are unique because they are not recyclable in traditional plastic recycling because they are a mixture of different plastics. Therefore, we have partnered with TerraCycle to keep our pouches out of landfills. Simply request a free envelope, fill it up with used pouches, and send it back to TerraCycle with the included prepaid shipping label! Pro tip: place the TerraCycle envelope with your used dirty pouches in the freezer until you’re ready to ship. This helps prevent any odors!

No. Our pouches are designed to be enjoyed at room temperature, but if your babe prefers them warm or you’ve stored an open pouch in the refrigerator, we suggest that you place the pouch in hot water or a bottle warmer. Do not microwave.

Unopened pouches can be consumed up to 18 months from the date of manufacture. You can find the best by date on the back of the pouch under the nutrition facts panel.

We recommend eating or freezing it within 24 hours of opening.

Thanks to the high-heat, high-pressure retort process (similar to canning) that our pouches go through, there is no need to refrigerate unopened pouches! However, once you’ve opened the pouch, be sure to refrigerate it and consume or freeze within 24 hours of opening.

Some of our purees may leave a colored tinge on the silicone of your little one’s spoon, and that is most likely a result of the combination of all ingredients! For example, in our products containing kale, a yellow looking stain could be left behind. Also, sweet potatoes added with the natural fattiness of meat can make staining happen even more regularly than others. A quick Mom-hack is that acidic things will help to break down the stain and get your utensils and high chair tray looking brand new again! We recommend lemon juice before or soaking your utensils in a little bit of watered down vinegar.

Yes! Once opened, you can freeze the puree within 24 hours of opening. This way your babe can have it for later consumption! You also can freeze the entire unopened pouched and its contents – popsicles, anyone?

We were very concerned about this because we live in hot hot Texas. We chose a pouch that is extra durable and specially designed to withstand high heat up to 250 degrees. Our final pouches are also randomly selected and sent to an additional third party testing facility to ensure its purity.

Definitely not! Our pouches are put through a high-heat, high-pressure process after they are sealed. This process kills all potential pathogens or mold. The reports you may have heard about parents finding mold were all in pouches that had been processed using “hot fill”, meaning they pasteurize it first and then fill the pouches, which allows the small chance of contamination in between. Since our process is different, you don’t need to worry about your little one being exposed to mold when it comes to our pouches!


My husband, Joe, and I started Serenity Kids for our baby Della. Like most kids, I was fed tons of sugar, grains, and dairy. I cried a ton from colic, was constantly sick, had trouble sleeping, and eventually developed severe digestive problems. These issues did not go away until adulthood when I cut out processed foods and sugar and started eating mostly quality meats, vegetables, and healthy fats. My struggles have made me passionate about changing the way families eat so they can live happier lives. 

Joe is autistic, and he wasn't diagnosed as a child. In addition to social and emotional difficulties, he suffered from constant stomach pain and was overweight. Changing his diet helped him transform his health and integrate his autism. Now, he’s dedicated to changing the way we feed and treat children. When Joe and I started family planning, I searched high and low for nutrient-dense baby foods. All I found were sweet-tasting products containing sugary fruits that lacked the well-sourced meats, healthy fats and savory vegetables that babies need to thrive. So we set forth on a mission to create a different kind of baby food and transform the baby food industry. Our baby Della sleeps through the night, rarely cries, hardly ever gets sick, will eat anything, and has healthy consistent stools. We believe this is largely because of how we feed her. We want all babies to grop happy, healthy and strong like Della.

- Serenity Carr, CEO & Co-Founder, Serenity Kids

Frequently Bought Together

Items in this section have been purchased with the listing item by a large number of customers in the past.
Organic Carrot Baby Food Pouch
Organic Carrot, Spinach & Basil Baby Food Pouch
Organic Sweet Potato Baby Food Pouch With Parsnip - Main

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