Toddler-Friendly Pumpkin Spice "Latte"

With fall right around the corner, we’re all in for pumpkin spice everything. To celebrate #basicbbseason, we wanted little ones to be able to enjoy PSL season as much as we do, and this fun recipe does just that! This Toddler-Friendly Pumpkin Spice "Latte" is a fun way to introduce fall spices and flavors to your little one and sneak in a boost of nutrients, too (just hold the espresso, please)! P.S. This drink pairs perfectly with snack time and our NEW Pumpkin & Cinnamon Grain Free Puffs! 

Toddler-Friendly Pumpkin Spice "Latte"


  1. First, make the Sugar-Free Whipped Cream & chill in the freezer (if serving with this recipe immediately) or in the fridge (for up to five days). 
  2. Make one serving of A2 Whole Milk Toddler Formula and warm in a saucepan on the stove.
  3. Add the pumpkin puree, Organic Squashes Puree, maple syrup, melted coconut oil, and pumpkin pie spice; whisk until all ingredients are melted/mixed together (option to add into a blender if desired consistency is not reached; can add filtered water if you need to thin it down).
  4. Add the contents in your saucepan into a toddler-friendly mug; let cool and come to a safe serving temperature for your little one (Starbucks “kid-friendly” temperature is under 120 degrees Fahrenheit; test the temperature of this Toddler-Friendly pumpkin spice latte before serving like you would do for a warmed baby bottle).  
  5. Top pumpkin spice latte with Sugar-Free Whipped Cream
  6. Sprinkle finely ground Pumpkin & Cinnamon Grain Free Puffs on top for that pumpkin spice fall ambiance (like how you’d shake cinnamon into your fave drink from Starbucks). 
  7. Serve up and cheers with your mini!! Make our parent-approved PSL (for yourself and cozy up with your not-so-basic-bb! 

Twin with your mini-me

Make a PSL for yourself while you make one for your babe! Check our our Paleo Pumpkin Spice Latte here (it's SO. GOOD. and super easy, which—let's be realis most important). 



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