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Must-Have Baby Travel Essentials for Adventure Season

Must-Have Baby Travel Essentials for Adventure Season
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Taking baby on a trip is fun and exciting, but it can certainly be stressful too. There are so many logistics to think about, and somehow the littlest members of the family require the most stuff. So we’re simplifying the process as much as possible for you. We’ve covered some basic tips already, but now we’re digging even deeper to share our list of must-have essential travel items for babies. We break it down into what you need for the three key aspects of any good vacay – sleeping, eating, and adventuring! 

Bring, Borrow, or Buy?

Of course, for any of these items, consider what you pack vs. what you rent or borrow vs. what you buy there or ship ahead. For example, your hotel or Airbnb might already have a crib you can use (you might want your own sheets). Or, if you’re going somewhere to see friends or family, they may have an extra stroller or some eating utensils that you can borrow. Another great option is Babyquip for easy, clean rentals of baby stuff! The fewer bulky items you have to bring, the smoother your travels will be! 

And finally, remember that you can often shop at your destination, or ship stuff ahead. Send a big box of Serenity Kids snacks so you only have to pack what you need for travel. We often plan to make some of our meals ourselves while we travel, so we always scope out the area around our hotel for a healthy grocery store nearby. Or you can ship a box of your staples ahead from Thrive Market.

Baby Travel Essentials for Sleeping

We all know that sleep (especially baby sleep) can make or break a trip. The goal when traveling is to make baby’s sleep environment as comfortable and similar to home as possible. If they’re used to darkness, put their bassinet or pack and play in a closet or the bathroom where it is darkest (and blast that white noise if you do at home!). Here are a few baby travel essentials we take when we travel:

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  1. White noise sound machine 
  2. Baby monitor (don’t forget the power cord!)
  3. Travel bassinet, pack and play, or travel bed for toddlers (and any sheets needed)
  4. A SlumberPod (game changer!) or portable blackout shades (black trash bags and painters tape can also stand in for blackout shades when needed!)
  5. Sleepsacks
  6. Any favorite stuffies from home (if used)
  7. Humidifier (if needed)
  8. Bedtime books (a few faves from home!)

Baby Travel Essentials For Eating

Mealtimes can be messy with little ones. And when you’re traveling, the logistics of where, when, and what to feed baby can be a bit stressful to think about. Here are our baby travel essentials for making sure mealtime is stress-free for parents and babies when traveling. Of course, Serenity Kids pouches and puffs are the ultimate in convenience when traveling!

  1. Portable high chair (we like the Inglesina for most situations, and the Summer Infant Pop N Sit for outdoor eating)
  2. Bibs (we typically love silicone bibs, but Bapron or Bumpkins basic bibs are a bit smaller to pack)
  3. Formula and bottle warmer, if needed
  4. Breast pump, if needed
  5. Snack containers 
  6. Pouches (ours are nutritious, delicious, AND convenient)
  7. Puffs (ours are the healthiest out there!)
  8. Utensils (we love travel kits like this and this)
  9. Bottles, sippy cups, or water bottle


Baby Travel Essentials - Serenity Kids - Baby Essentials

Baby Travel Essentials for Adventuring

Travel can involve lots of different types of adventures, depending on the location, season, and your own appetite for adventure! Here are a few baby travel essentials to pack along (or be sure you have in your diaper bag at all times when leaving your hotel or rental house.

  1. Diapers 
  2. Wipes 
  3. Sanitizing wipes (we like the clean bamboo based wipes from Dr. Brite)
  4. Pacifier clip (we love Mushie) and extra pacifiers (for when they fall and you just don’t feel great about giving them back to baby!)
  5. Playmat or blanket for picnics and play (Gathre mats are great!)
  6. Diaper changing pad or mat that can contain messes and protect your little one from gross floors
  7. Extra baby clothes/shoes/socks 
  8. Toys (anything appropriate for where you’re going, like shovels for the beach)
  9. Wet bags (or resealable disposable bags)
  10. Travel car seat 
  11. Travel stroller 
  12. Baby carrier 
  13. First aid kit 
  14. Hat and/or sunglasses
  15. Sunscreen (if age appropriate) or UPF clothing
  16. Serenity Kids puffs & pouches for road trips, plane rides, and beach days!

How to Make Your Baby Packing List

Ready to make your own baby packing list? Here are a few tips:

  1. Categorize: organizing your list into categories can help you think through all of the different elements of your days (baby clothes, baby feeding, baby sleeping, your clothes, your toiletries, etc.)
  2. Make it electronic: Use something like Google Docs or Sheets to make your list so that you can share it with other travelers and can refer back to it for future trips.
  3. Date your list: Make sure to label your list with a date so that you can refer back to it for your next trip of a similar season, or in a few years if you happen to have another baby and want to know what you packed at a certain age.
  4. Update as you travel: You’ll probably think of things you wish you had (or bought while there) as you’re vacationing. Add them to your list as you go, or to a note in your phone so that you can update your list when you get back.



Baby Travel Essentials - Serenity Kids - Traveling with a Baby



Hopefully this list of baby travel essentials helps you plan and take some of the stress out of travel with babies.  

With a little prep, you can focus on making memories while adventuring with your little one!



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