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Baby’s First Airplane Ride: 10 Must Haves to Bring

Baby’s First Airplane Ride: 10 Must Haves to Bring
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While baby’s first airplane ride might be a fun line to add to the baby book, the reality is, it can also be kind of stressful. From flight delays and crowds to lots of lines and tight spaces to contain a little one, there’s plenty to navigate when flying with baby. So we’re simplifying your planning with 10 must haves to bring for your flight! 

Baby’s First Airplane Ride: 10 Must Haves to Bring

Spare clothes

Blowouts, spit up, mealtime messes. They’re all a reality of baby life and they don’t take a break just because you’re traveling. Make sure you have an extra outfit or two for baby plus an extra top for anyone who will be holding baby (doesn't hurt to also throw in an extra pair of leggings....we've been there: sh*t on in hour one of an eight hour travel day). We like footed jammies for babies while traveling since they keep feet warm without risking the loss of a sock or bootie. And be sure to pack your extras in a resealable bag that you can reuse for dirty clothes!

Changing kit 

It might seem obvious, but it’s often the obvious things we forget. Create a kit with diapers, wipes, a changing pad, and plastic bags to hold dirties in case you aren’t by a trash can (if you pack diaper cream, make sure it is 3 oz or less!). You might also want to get some overnight diapers for the trip in case you need to go a bit longer before a change can happen. And trust us, pack more diapers than you think you need in case of delays or unexpected messes. 

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Baby carrier

Babies can be hard to contain while traveling and babywearing can make things so much easier! But as a heads up, know that you’ll need to have baby out of the carrier for take off and landing. Some airlines and some flight attendants are a little more lenient than others and will let you just loosen your carrier, others will make you fully take baby out and onto your lap.

White noise machine

Airports and airplanes are full of noises. If your little one is used to sleeping with white noise at home, pack a portable player for the trip. Whether you use it in the car, stroller, plane, or gate, having familiar sounds can help sleep happen when it might otherwise be hard.

Feeding essentials 

Depending on baby’s age and status of feeding, this may vary. If baby is eating solids, then pack some healthy portable snacks like puffs and pouches. You might also want a spoon in a travel case to keep things clean on the go. You can always ask for a disposable cup on the plane or from a restaurant and spoon feed from there. 

If baby takes formula, make sure to bring pre-portioned formula (check out our grass-fed A2 formula here) and bottles. And if baby is breastfeeding, make sure to pack mama’s water bottle and some electrolytes! (we love LMNT!)


Non-toxic sanitizing wipes

Nobody wants to get sick on vacay! Little ones touch everything, so whether you sanitize the surfaces that surround them or their own hands, it’s important to keep things clean! We like Dr. Brite’s non-toxic and biodegradable wipes!

Small sensory toys, books, and teethers

If your little one is old enough to need to be entertained, pack a bag of small toys and books to keep them stimulated. Try packing a few favorites plus a few new things to mix it up. We love this Very Hungry Caterpillar Crinkle Book and this compact activity center. For toddlers, we love Melissa & Doug Water Wow books and the B. toys Magnetic Drawing Board.

Pacifiers and clip

If your baby uses a pacifier, be sure to pack a few. We also love using a pacifier clip like this one from Mushie to minimize dropping on dirty airport floors.

Nursing / stroller cover

Not that you need to cover up while feeding your little one (unless you prefer to!), but babies can get distracted with all of the new sights and sounds around them. A nursing cover can help keep baby at the breast for a feeding, or can help block some light and distractions if you’re trying to sneak in a nap. We love the AMMA Cocoon!

Anything you can’t go a night without 

Luggage gets lost, so make sure you carry on anything for baby (or you!) that you can’t go a night without. This might include medicines, toiletries, sleep sacks, and other essentials.


Fasten Your Seatbelt

Travel, especially airplane travel, can be stressful. And adding little ones to the mix certainly doesn’t help. Hopefully this list simplifies things a bit for you so you can sit back, relax, and (at least sort of) enjoy the ride!

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