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Meet our Sweet Pepper & Basil Grain Free Puffs!

Meet our Sweet Pepper & Basil Grain Free Puffs!
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We’re so excited to introduce the newest member of our puff family - Sweet Pepper & Basil Grain Free Puffs! We have no doubt they’ll quickly become a favorite for your little one (and maybe even yourself!). Here’s why you’ll love them.

They’re made with whole food ingredients and NO junk

Forget the grains and rice (here’s why we care about that). These poppable little puffs are made with cassava root. They’re 100% organic and 100% real food with zero sugar.! While other puff brands have 2% or less flavor from real veggies and spices, we put ours front and center!

They’re more than just a snack 

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The organic main ingredients in our new puffs aren’t just “not bad” for you - they are full of health benefits! Each ingredient is intentional and supports your little one’s health:

  • Organic red bell pepper: anti-inflammatory and high in vitamins A and C
  • Organic basil: contains vitamin K and plant compounds which contribute aroma, flavor, and health benefits
  • Organic tomato: full of antioxidants like lycopene, vitamin C, potassium, folate, and vitamin K
  • Organic onion: contains compounds and antioxidants that have anti-inflammatory properties
  • Organic parsley: rich in carotenoid antioxidants, plant compounds, and nutrients like vitamins A, K, and C
  • Organic garlic: has potent medicinal properties and is rich in vitamin C, B6, and manganese
  • Organic cassava root: allows our puffs to be grain-free! Contains vitamin C, thiamine, riboflavin, and niacin, as well as resistant starch which may benefit gut health
  • Organic olive oil: a healthy fat that is loaded with powerful antioxidants and contains nutrients that fight inflammation


The savory flavors help expand your little one’s palate

Would you want a bland and tasteless snack? Nope. Your little one doesn’t either. The savory flavors in our grain-free puffs not only taste great but also support the expansion of the palate. We all want kids who enjoy a variety of flavors, and we know that babies are most open to trying new flavors during the period from 4-7 months. So use this time to load them up with a diverse range of flavors, like those in our pouches and puffs!

For older toddlers, you can use our puffs to start talking about how different foods have different colors and flavors, and they all do something different for our bodies. Eat the rainbow!


They’re convenient

No need to sacrifice nutrition for convenience. Our Sweet Pepper & Basil Grain Free Puffs give you both! They’re an easy healthy snack to pack anywhere - take them to the playground, pack them for your little one at daycare, and bring them along to make any air or car travel more tolerable and tasty (BTW, here are our top tips for traveling with toddlers!).


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