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Why our pouches & puffs are great for adventures, big or small

Why our pouches & puffs are great for adventures, big or small
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Travel can be stressful with little ones. We get it, we’ve been there. Whether it’s an hour-long drive to grandma’s or a 3 hour flight across the country, travel is just tough! 

We found that a little prep and a lot of snacks is key to minimizing stress (and meltdowns) and maximizing fun and adventure. And we’ve got what you need!

Read on for 5 reasons Serenity Kids baby food is perfect for your travel and adventures!

1. It's mess free and convenient 

Eating on the go can be messy for little ones. But our purees contain the mess in a convenient pouch. If your baby or toddler gets a little excited with squeezing or likes to wave it around in the air to see what fun comes out (again, we’ve been there), grab a silicone pouch topper to prevent messes. For puffs, we recommend a silicone cup with a lid to prevent puffs from getting everywhere! 

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2. It's got the optimal ratio of ingredients  

It’s hard to find healthy food while traveling for anyone, but especially for parents of littles! We’ve done the research for you and have created pouches that include the optimal ratio of protein, veggies and fat. This helps to keep your little ones satisfied by keeping their blood sugar stable and bodies and brains well nourished. We’re always amazed at how quickly our meat pouches can prevent a hunger-induced meltdown before it starts. 

3. It's a healthy way to occupy

Let’s be honest, kids get bored while traveling. There’s a lot of sitting and waiting. And snacks typically help to keep them entertained, especially as meal times are often thrown off. But not all snacks are created equal. Serenity Kids pouches and puffs are a great way to keep kids busy and nourished at the same time.

4. It's guilt free

As parents we often have to make nutritional compromises while traveling, especially when relying on restaurants, hotel fridges, or a relative’s snack cabinet. Bringing along our pouches can take some of the guilt out of this process. Knowing they’re getting some pasture-raised meats and organic veggies can help ease any guilt you might feel when your kid is eating a little differently than you’d like. Plus our meats are regeneratively sourced and pouches are recyclable through Terracycle so you can feel good about their environmental impact too.

5. Kids love them!

The best part? Babies and kids love Serenity Kids! With pouches and puffs in SO many flavors, there’s something for every palate and preference. You may even find yourself nibbling on one in a pinch. Enjoy! 

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