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Nutrient-Focused, First Foods Include
Healthy Fats, Vegetables & Quality Meats

A baby’s first foods should be nutrient-focused and include healthy fats, quality meats and vegetables. Fat is essential for nutrient absorption, brain development, hormone regulation and building the immune system. Meat is not only totally digestible for babies, but it is a far more efficient source of protein than any other food we eat. Prioritizing meat, fat and vegetables over sugary fruits, beans and grains will help your baby’s energy and mood. Our baby Della sleeps through the night, rarely cries, hardly ever gets sick, will eat anything, and has healthy consistent stools. We believe this is largely because of how we feed her. We want all babies to grow up happy, healthy and strong, like Della!

Fat Is Essential

Brain & Body

Your baby needs 30g of fat per day! This supports brain development, hormone regulation and builds the immune system.

Vitamin Synergy

Fat is also needed for your baby’s digestive system to absorb fat-soluble vitamins like A, D, E and K.

Full & Rested

Fats are satiating foods, which means your baby will feel full longer and get a longer, higher-quality night’s sleep.

Veggies Not Fruit

Veg Is Better

Your baby naturally enjoys sweeter foods, but the high sugar content in fruit can be excessive for their tiny bodies.

Important Nutrients

Vegetables contain the same important vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and fiber as fruits and then some!

Balanced Blood

Choosing veggies, meat and fat over fruit purees means more balanced nutrition and fewer blood sugar crashes.

Meat Is Good

Nutrient Density

Every bite counts. Choose foods that are easy to absorb and nutrient dense. Meat is high in protein, zinc, iron, and B vitamins.

Easy To Digest

Your baby's stomach contains all the enzymes necessary to digest meat.

Better Protein

Amino acids in animal protein are better absorbed than protein from vegetables.

Other Resources

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