Serenity Kids & TerraCycle: Filling Bellies Not Landfills

We know our Serenity Kids family is a conscious one. We know you care not just about what you put in your baby’s belly, but also how what you feed your little one impacts the world around you. We get it — we care too! It’s why we’ve partnered with TerraCycle®* to help recycle your empty pouches. 

The process is simple:

1. Create a TerraCycle account on their website.

2. Once in the program, start collecting finished Serenity Kids baby food pouches in the freezer to prevent any odors.

3. When ready, place the collection into any box you have at home and log into your account to download and print a pre-paid shipping label.

4. Seal your collection box, tape on the printed shipping label, and send it out via UPS to be recycled.

5. Feel good knowing that TerraCycle gives your pouches a second life!

By sending your used pouches to TerraCycle you’re not only diverting them from landfills, you’re enabling the production of new recycled and upcycled products with them (you can even repurchase those products here!). TerraCycle and Serenity Kids have made this process free and easy for you. Join us in making an impact and showing this land some love!

*Participation Limited

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