Sun's Out. Baby Buns Out. Our Favorite Summer Products.

Sun's Out. Baby Buns Out. Our Favorite Summer Products.
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We’re gearing up for our baby Della’s first Texas summer (which if you don't know is usually sunny with a high of 105)! Drawing inspiration from Wellness Mama's article on the importance of regular safe sun exposure, we wanted to share some of our favorite amazing summer baby products!


Serenity Kids Summer Baby Products Recommendation - Foodtown Popsicle Molds

Foodworks Silicone Popsicle Molds

These dishwasher safe, silicone molds by FoodWorks are perfect for the summer because they keep baby Della cool and help with her teething. Our little one can grip onto them herself; and, even better, most of the drips fall back into the mold which makes it less messy! Hot tip: these bad boys can hold exactly one Serenity Kids baby food pouch so you can make popsicles packed full of flavor and nutrition. Other low sugar popsicle ideas that we've made include using milk, bone broth, or yogurt as the base. Baby Della can't get enough of these!

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Serenity Kids Summer Baby Products Recommendation - Badger Bug RepellentBadger Bug Repellent

It's rained a lot in Austin this spring and the mosquitoes are out in full force. We typically make our own by following this amazing tutorial from Wellness Mama but this all-natural bug repellent has been a life saver on the go. It has no synthetic chemicals, is safe for babies, and actually keeps those irritating pests away!



Serenity Kids Summer Baby Products Recommendation - 3rd Rock Essentials Sunblock

3rd Rock Essentials Sunblock

This all natural SPF 35 sunscreen lotion that we use for baby Della contains no parabens or oxybenzone. We love that it’s not only safe for babies, but also for coral reefs and other marine life! 3rd Rock Essentials' creates the "most natural personal care products made purely with ingredients of the earth, ingredients so natural you can eat 'em" because if you wouldn't eat it, you shouldn't put it on your skin! 



Serenity Kids Summer Baby Products Recommendation - i play Flap Sun Protection Hat

i play. Flap Sun Protection Hat

We love this i play. Flap Sun Protection Hat because it helps keep the sun out of Della's eyes... when she's not trying to throw it off, that is! It extends over the neck and has flaps for added protection from the sun. It also has a breathable wicking liner that dries quickly!




Serenity Kids Summer Baby Products Recommendation - Ro Sham Bo Baby Shades

Ro Sham Bo Baby Shades

Della's eyes are incredibly sensitive to bright light and she cries hysterically when the sun gets in her peripheral line of sight. We searched high and low for stellar sunglasses that were small enough to fit her head but still make her look like a rockstar. Thankfully we found these Ro Sham Bo Baby Shades that are BPA free, lead and latex free. Even better, they fit all the way into toddlerhood! We paired ours with a Croakies strap since Della is in the throwing stage of dexterity and we wanted to make sure we didn't lose them! 


Serenity Kids Summer Baby Products Recommendation - Primary Rainbow Babysuit Swimwear

Primary Clothing Swimwear

We cannot emphasize how much we adore the Primary clothing line! It's soft to the skin, easy to clean, affordable, and comes in simple, classic styles that we love. Primary's swimwear is comfortable, durable, and contains a concealed water-resistant lining. Plus, the rainbow stripe babysuit shorties are the perfect summer pajamas for our little one! Primary uses fabric that's OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified which means that it has been tested free of over 300 chemicals and known irritants.


We hope you give some (or all) of these products a try! We've already planned many fun-filled weekends of camping and laying out at the beach for our little Della's first summer. You can bet that we're also packing Della's favorite of our very own Serenity Kids' Uncured Bacon baby food with us too!

Happy and safe travels!

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