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Meet Our New Baby Food Recipes: Why They're Awesome for Babies & Kids

Meet Our New Baby Food Recipes: Why They're Awesome for Babies & Kids
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Meet our new meat & herb recipes!

Our chefs have been busy in the kitchen and these new pouch recipes are 10/10 recommended by our tiniest taste testers (and their parents, too!) Our newest collection of baby food packed with protein, vitamins, minerals, & nutrients is available now, so, let’s get to the menu! Hint: 🥦🥩🌶️🌿🍗 P.S. When we say “chefs” we mean us 😉

Baby food meets a gourmet culinary experience in our NEW line of meat & herb pouched purees: (1) Free Range Chicken & Thyme and (2) Grass Fed Beef & Ginger, both served in a super convenient pouch for on-the-go adventures, no matter how big or how small.

As with all of our products, each and every single farm-to-high-chair whole food ingredient is intentional (meet our amazing farmers who practice regenerative agriculture here). Each ingredient gives both health benefits AND yummy flavor. We never include any filler ingredients just to take up space; the bellies of little ones are small, so we’ve got to fill them with only the best stuff! Truly, Every Bite Counts®, so we make each bite of our products count.

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Baby Meats Herbs collection: what makes them awesome?

🍖 Ethically sourced meats from American farms using regenerative agricultural practices

🌿 Yummy herbs that expand little ones’ palates; perfect for introducing new foods during the flavor window 

🍗 Farm-to-high-chair whole food ingredients 

🥦 USDA Organic + Non-GMO Project Verified veggies

🫒 Healthy fats for fuel + brain and nervous system development and vitamin absorption

✨ Packed with vitamins and minerals that support brain development, neurological development, heart health, immunity & growth

🌿 Made from anti-inflammatory whole food ingredients that support gut health and digestion

🥩 Regeneratively Farmed, Land to Market certified 100% grass-fed beef is an excellent source of protein & important amino acids

🍗 100% Free-range, ethically sourced chicken is a great source of protein, healthy fats, and savory flavors to expand kiddos’ palates

🌶️ Savory, super tasty pureed recipes designed to expand a baby’s flavor window

Here’s a spotlight on the ingredients found within our new Baby Meats Herbs collection...

Free-Range Chicken & Thyme

Grandma’s home cooking, any time or day of the week! Nostalgic and comforting ingredients make this pouched puree both little one and parent-approved. This cozy, nutrient-rich, super yummy recipe is made from whole food ingredients like organic parsnip, free-range chicken, organic beet, organic olive oil, organic onion, and organic thyme. 

  • Free-Range Chicken: great source of protein and important amino acids, chicken is also rich in selenium and B vitamins, which support thyroid and brain health, immunity, and energy production 
  • Thyme: helps prevent infections; source of vitamins C and A and the oil it produces has been found to protect and increase the healthy fats found in our cell membranes
  • Lemon: helps enhance the savory flavor of thyme and introduces a sour profile for palate development; contains vitamin C which helps iron absorption and boosts the immune system
  • Parsnip: excellent source of copper, fiber, folate, and vitamin C; supports the immune system, eye health, heart function, iron absorption, a healthy gut, and digestion 
  • Beet: high in fiber for satiety and healthy digestion, plus folate to fuel brain development; also contains carotenoids that support cellular health and betaine that supports liver function and the body’s natural detoxification mechanisms
  • Olive Oil: source of healthy fats and vitamin E which supports vitamin absorption, healthy immune and neurological development, and contains polyphenols that offer anti-inflammatory benefits and support heart health
  • Onion: contains vitamin C which helps iron absorption; biotin powers the nervous system; folate supports brain development; vitamin B6 processes protein; quercetin has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, and the prebiotics and fiber in onions supports gut health

Grass-Fed Beef & Ginger

Asian takeout meets pureed baby food?! Heck yes. Packed with colorful, palate-boosting whole food ingredients like organic green pea, organic red bell pepper, grass-fed beef, organic broccoli, organic olive oil, and organic gingertransport your little one to the flavors of the classic Chinese broccoli & beef dish, anytime, anywhere! 

  • Grass-Fed Beef: great source of protein and important amino acids, beef is also rich in iron, zinc, selenium, and B vitamins, which support immunity, brain health, thyroid health, and energy production 
  • Ginger: helps improve digestion and motility; relieves nausea and eases motion sickness; supports immunity; has anti-inflammatory properties
  • Green Pea: high in fiber, protein, and vitamins A, C, and K, as well as iron and zinc; contains B6 and folate; and lots of phytonutrients that offer antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits
  • Red Bell Pepper: packed with vitamins A & C which babies need for eyesight and iron absorption, skin, and immune system development; contains B6 which fuels little ones with energy and helps their bodies process hormones that regulate mood, sleep cycles, and other bodily functions
  • Broccoli: contains vitamins A, C, K, B6, fiber, folate, and many minerals including iron and zinc, which are crucial for a baby’s optimal growth and development
  • Olive Oil: source of healthy fats and vitamin E which supports vitamin absorption, healthy immune and neurological development, and contains polyphenols that offer anti-inflammatory benefits and support heart health

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Why they’re great for babies

So why are these new recipes so great for your little one? Here’s the scoop!

They’ve got the meat!

Meat is an ideal first food for infants. Babies need a sufficient amount of fat and protein to support the rapid growth of their bodies and brains. Meat contains the most bioavailable fat and protein of any other food. They also need iron and zinc, which are abundant in meat. Learn more about when babies can eat meat here.

The meat we include is thoughtfully sourced from American farms that practice regenerative agriculture. 

Each pouch supports the sustainability of our Earth and the wellbeing of animals - as well as the farmers and ranchers who are dedicated to these important missions! We’ve even partnered with Land to Market to verify and support the regenerative practices of our ruminant farmers. Want to learn why we’re so passionate about our meats and how they’re literally helping save the planet?? Read this article here. 

Plus, pasture raised meat is proven to be higher in vitamins, minerals, Omega-3s, and conjugated linoleic acids than their conventionally-sourced counterparts. Good for babies. Good for the planet.

They’re low in sugar and high in healthy fats

Babies need fat and protein and vitamins and minerals like iron and zinc. What do they not need? Sugar. 

Babies may have a preference for sweet tastes that are formed in part by naturally-sweet breast milk. But that doesn’t mean that sweet is what you should feed them when it comes to food. 

In fact, research shows that offering complimentary foods without added sugars is not only advisable for short-term health but also to set the infant’s threshold for sweet tastes later in life. An infant's taste preferences are malleable, and feeding foods that are savory rather than sweet can help shape their palate for life (more on that below!)


Rather than sugary fruits or added sugars, we focus on high-quality sources of fat. Because babies NEED fat! Fat provides the fuel needed for brain and nervous system development and helps little bodies absorb the nutrients they need for proper growth. In fact, before the age of two, the American Academy of Pediatrics advises no limit on the amount of fat in your baby’s diet.


Of course, not all fat is created equal, so be sure you’re giving your little one high-quality sources like the ones in all of our products and skipping low-quality and damaging fats like industrial seed oils.

They’re packed with veggies and seasoned with herbs to expand babies’ palates

Our new pouches are made with USDA Certified Organic and Non-GMO Project Verified vegetables plus functional herbs, known to be rich in antioxidants.

Herbs are a new addition to two of our best-selling classic recipes: chicken and beef (insert turkey when it’s ready); we took two favorites and leveled them up with new flavors and ingredients like herbs, which provide a dual purpose. Herbs amp up the flavor by contributing to a more culinary-inspired profile. And they also have potent nutritional benefits, like supporting the immune response and helping to manage inflammation.

We’re also excited to include the rich flavor of new vegetables that haven’t been included in our other meat pouches, like zucchini, celery, broccoli, red bell pepper, parsnip, onion, lemon, and purple carrot. These savory veggies add a great diversity of ingredients into the everyday meals of your little ones. They also support gut health and digestion.

Herbs and veggies provide powerful vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. But they also contribute to helping to shape the palate during the incredibly important flavor window, which is most malleable during the period from 6-18 months.

Studies show that early exposure to flavors and textures can make your child a less picky eater. By familiarizing little ones with more complex foods, flavors, and textures when their flavor window is most receptive, they are more likely to eat a wider variety of foods later. 

Of course, if you want to introduce your little one to some simpler flavors first, try our OG chicken and beef recipes - they’re still loaded with sustainably-sourced meat and organic veggies like carrots, kale, and sweet potatoes!

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They’re super convenient 

Our pouches are designed for busy parents and hungry little ones. Since they’re shelf-stable and allow older babies to self-feed, they provide the ultimate convenience without sacrificing quality so you can be sure your little one is getting the nutrition they need - even on the go! They’re great for travel, packing in lunchboxes, and adventures big or small!

Go Gourmet!

Shop our newest collection of nutrient-rich recipes made with farm-to-high-chair ingredients for growing little ones’ development.

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P.S. Why we’re known as “functional baby food”

You might see us (and our community) refer to our products as “functional baby food” and wonder what we mean by this. We’re passionate about creating products that serve a purpose, or a function, beyond just feeding a baby, such as helping boost immunity, improve sleep, stabilize mood, and generally bring serenity to the whole family. We carefully develop them to be full of the nutrients that babies really need while leaving out the stuff they don’t. At the same time - they are delicious and babies, toddlers, kids, and even adults, love them. 

We started Serenity Kids because we wanted our daughter, Della, to grow up healthy and strong. We didn’t just want to fill her belly, we wanted to fuel her development and nourish her body and spirit. 

We knew we would be making a difference in the lives of thousands of babies nationwide through our nutrient-rich products and our ethical sourcing; one thing we didn’t expect was the outpour of love that we have received from parents and caretakers on how important our baby food has been to the wellbeing of their child or family member that suffers from a medical condition. Our mission is to provide the best and most nutritious baby and toddler food for every child and we are so grateful to be on this journey and be able to provide nutrient-dense food options for all. We are forever touched by the stories parents (and adults, too!) share with us. Read a handful of those stories here.

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