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At Serenity Kids, we believe our high-quality baby food has to start with farmers. Healthy food comes from healthy animals which come from healthy ecosystems. From our beyond organic vegetables to grass-fed and pasture-raised meats, we seek out only the finest small American family farms in an effort to create a product that truly contains the healthiest stuff on Earth.


Our co-founder Joe's mom was raised on a small family farm in southern Missouri. He grew up visiting them and experiencing their harmonious lifestyle being one with animals and nature, while also witnessing the intense economic challenges they faced trying to compete with large industrial farms. Serenity Kids pays a premium for the highest quality meats and vegetables, raised and grown the right way, but we wanted to do even more to make sure these farms would continue to be around to cultivate nutritious ingredients for the babies of tomorrow. Because of this, we donate 1% of all profits to the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund, a nonprofit that offers legal support and lobbying to help small farmers have the voice they deserve and need to survive.


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