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Land to Market: Our Commitment to Regenerative Agriculture and Quality Sourcing

Land to Market: Our Commitment to Regenerative Agriculture and Quality Sourcing
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If you’ve been part of our Serenity family for a while now, you know that we don’t default to do things the easy way. We do things the right way. We take the time to research, review, test, and test again in order to develop products with the best nutrition (and best taste) possible. 

Another example of our commitment to doing things the right way? Our commitment to regenerative agriculture. We’re sharing why we support this way of managing land, why not all things called regenerative agriculture are created equal, and all about the approach we take to ensure that the farms and ranches we work with are of the utmost integrity. 

Why We Support Regenerative Agriculture

We dig into why we support regenerative agriculture in this blog post, but here’s the Cliffs Notes version:

  • It results in food with better nutrition. 
  • It results in a better life for animals. 
  • It provides more sustainable income for farmers. 
  • It improves the land. 
  • It sequesters carbon. 
  • It is one of the biggest solutions we have to climate change. 

Why Third Party Verification Matters

When diving into the world of regenerative agriculture, we learned that there are a range of ways that farmers and ranchers can implement regenerative practices. It became clear that we wanted to partner with farms and ranches that undergo third party verification. Unfortunately, farms and ranches can claim regenerative practices without being upheld to standards that align with what many of us would expect.

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So after researching and reviewing, we decided to partner with Land to Market to help us identify and vet suppliers. Land to Market verification is granted to farms and ranches that hold the highest level of integrity for regenerative agriculture. 

Land to Market was started by Allan Savory who popularized the regenerative movement. He designed the verification process to be easy for farms and ranches to achieve if they were doing things the “right” way. In other words, it isn’t a burdensome or expensive process for farms and ranches that are practicing true regenerative agriculture.  

We're so proud of our three meat purees that hold the Land to Market Verification: 100% Grass Fed Beef made with Organic Kale & Sweet Potato, Grass Fed Beef & Ginger with Organic Pea, Bell Pepper, and Broccoli, and 100% Grass Fed Bison made with Organic Kabocha Squash & Spinach.

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How Land to Market is Different 

Land to Market isn’t just any third party certification. Here are the two key ways Land to Market is different from other third party certifiers:

  • Land to Market certifies results, not practices. Land to Market farmers have to show that they’re improving their land year over year. Groups that certify practices don’t measure the impact on the land, so a farm can be certified organic and still be eroding the soil, increasing water run off, and killing soil microbes. 
  • The burden of certification is on the company using the claims for their marketing purposes, NOT on the farmer. Other certifications make the farmer bear the burden of the cost and paperwork of certification, but this makes it hard for small farmers already going the extra mile to achieve certification.

Land to Market is a fast growing movement. In fact, there are now more acres of land that is certified regenerative by Land to Market globally than there are acres of land that are certified organic! We’re excited and proud to be a part of this initiative.

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Your Support Matters

We go to great lengths to support regenerative agriculture and obtain land to market verification. But the reality is, without your support of our efforts (i.e., buying our products!), our efforts would have little impact. 

From the bottom of our hearts, we commend you and we thank you for caring about where your food comes from and the impact it has on the environment. When you buy Land to Market verified products, you’re voting with your dollars for true change in our food system.

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