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Serenity Kids Feeding Favorites

We LOVE to talk about feeding babies. We’ve talked about Dos and Don’ts for Introducing Solids in a Safe and Stress-Free Way. We’ve talked about why we love both baby-led weaning and purees. We’ve talked about whether to make homemade baby food or to buy it. And we put a whole lot of info in one place with our Ultimate Guide To Giving Babies Real Food. But what we haven’t yet talked about is our favorite products for feeding. We get asked all the time, so we’re putting them all in one place for you here.

But before we get into it, here’s what we look for in feeding products:

  • Safe (we avoid plastic where possible, opting for stainless steel or silicone, and glass if breaking isn’t risk)
  • Functional (it's got to work!)
  • Easy to clean (clean up can be brutal enough)
  • Unbreakable (kids love to throw!)
  • Not a lot of pieces and universal fits (we know how annoying it is to be fumbling around trying to match different water bottle straws and lids to the right cups!)

Now here they are - our feeding favorites:

The fundamentals

To contain the mess

To eat and drink

To safely prep and store

There you have it, our Serenity Kids feeding favorites. We hope they help support your feeding journey!

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