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19 Best Postpartum Gifts For New Moms in 2023

19 Best Postpartum Gifts For New Moms in 2023
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Welcoming a new baby into the world brings tremendous joy into the life of a new mom, but the new chapter of life doesn't come without its challenges. Postpartum moms go through a period of profound physical and emotional changes in the months following birth. Typically, the biggest adjustment happens in the first three months following birth, also known as the fourth trimester.

Sleep deprivation, breastfeeding, lack of time for self-care (or even shower time!), physical recovery, and big emotions may impact a new mom’s well-being. Read on for 18 ideas for the best postpartum new mom gift ideas.

Why is it Important to Give a Postpartum Gift to New Moms?

Becoming a mother is a beautiful blessing. But it's also hard! Everyone likes to give the baby gifts. But it's important to remember mama. After all, she’s the one who did all the work!

Postpartum gifts are a great way to show a new mom that you support her during the first few weeks or months. Helping her to make sure that she has all the essentials for her new baby and herself can help ease the transition to parenthood.

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19 Amazing Postpartum Gift Ideas in 2023 

We've organized our thoughtful gifts into three types of the best gift ideas:

  1. Self-care postpartum gifts - to help a new mom feel more comfortable and cared for

  2. Postpartum support gifts - to help a new mom relieve pain and fight fatigue

  3. Gifts for making a new mom's life easier - to help ease the burden of daily life tasks so that she can relax and enjoy her baby.

Read on to know the best ideas for the best postpartum gifts for new moms.

  1. Self-care best postpartum gift ideas

    Treat mom with one of these self-care gifts!

    1. Slippers

      Keep her feet cozy in the postpartum period during the middle of the night wakes with a pair of soft and supportive slippers.

    2.  A comfy robe

      Keep her body cozy too with a comfy robe!

    3. Nursing-friendly clothes (nursing bras)

      If she is breastfeeding, consider some nice nursing clothes. Women often don't want to splurge on these temporary clothing items themselves, but breastfeeding can be messy and she'll need plenty of changes of clothes.

    4. Weighted blanket

      Calm her postpartum body with a weighted blanket.

    5. Eye and face masks

      She'll almost certainly be sleep deprived, so help her fall asleep at any hour of the day with an eye or face mask.

    6. High-quality water bottle

      Hydration is key in the postpartum period, so make it easy for her with a nice insulated water bottle like a Yeti or Hydro Flask. She can fill it with some LMNT for added electrolytes!

    7. Mama affirmations

      All moms question themselves, so some mama affirmation cards or a framed quote is a thoughtful gift.

    8. Coffee and teas

      New mamas are often wired but tired, so we love Needed's Sleep Support tea to help mamas wind down and fall asleep. Of course, new mamas may also want some morning energy but may be limiting caffeine if they are breastfeeding moms, so consider a half-caff coffee or organic green tea.

    9. Relaxing candles

      Another way to help new mamas wind down and practice self-care is with relaxing candles or an essential oil diffuser with essential oils.

  2. Postpartum support gifts

    The following gifts can help support a mama throughout the fourth trimester, in the postpartum period. You can also check out her baby registry to see what she didn't get at her baby shower.

    1. Breast pump 

      If you're getting a gift for a breastfeeding mom, consider a cordless breast pump like Elvie or Willow.

    2. Postpartum care package (Mom gift basket)

      If you want to get creative, consider building your own postpartum recovery care package. Include things to support her physical recoveries, like a peri bottle and perineal cooling pad liners if she had a vaginal delivery (we love Frida Mom), or a recovery band and comfy high-waisted underwear if she had a C-section. If she is breastfeeding, throw in a nice nipple cream.

    3. Bone broth

      You know we love bone broth for babies, but bone broth is also amazing to support postpartum recovery. Make her some homemade or gift her some from a high-quality brand like Fond or Kettle and Fire.

    4. Collagen

      Support physical recovery and postpartum hair loss (and make getting in that protein a bit easier!) with high-quality collagen. We like Needed's ethically sourced grass-fed collagen protein.

  3. Gifts for making a new mom’s life easier

    1. Subscriptions

      Consider what she likes and gift her a subscription to it - maybe it's Audible so she can read, Netflix so she can binge, or a fun magazine to pass the time. A flower or plant subscription is a perfect gift to brighten her day for the next few months.

    2. Books

      Books are a great way to pass time while breastfeeding or contact napping that don't involve a screen.

    3. Snacks

      One thing that all postpartum mamas have in common is hunger! Snacks are a must-have, especially since proper meals can't always happen. We love high-protein options like Chomps meat sticks and high-fat items like seasoned nuts or nut butter packets. Other fun snack favorites include Simple Mills crackers and Siete chips.

    4. Meals

      For many mamas, healthy meals are the best gifts. Whether you pick up from their favorite local restaurant or make your own, giving her one less thing to think about is always appreciated. Just be sure to ask for any dietary preferences or restrictions!

    5. Activities for older siblings

      If she has other kids, help her out by giving them ways to stay occupied (somewhat) independently. Of course, they'd probably love some pouches and puffs for snacks too!


There are so many ways to support a postpartum mom. Consider what she values and what she needs and use this list to identify some of the best postpartum gifts for new moms!

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