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When Can Babies Have Puffs?

When Can Babies Have Puffs?
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When Can Babies Have Puffs: The 4 Signs of Readiness

Watching as your baby starts to learn and explore is an exciting time for everyone. But it can also be difficult when choosing the right time to introduce your little one to new things — including new foods. 

Puffs are a popular option among parents whose babies are ready to start exploring the world of solid foods. But when can babies have puffs? In this article, we take a look at what makes puffs a great snack for little ones and the signs to watch for when considering if your baby is ready to start eating puffs.

What are puffs?

Puffs are small snacks designed with babies and toddlers in mind. Unlike other snacks that are commonly given to little ones, like Cheerios, puffs dissolve quickly. This makes them easier to swallow and reduces their risk as a choking hazard. 

Additionally, their small size is perfect for little ones to pick up and feed themselves — a definite perk when considering the best snack foods for babies and toddlers

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When can babies have puffs?

Every baby is different, so instead of simply considering their age, it’s important to look for signs that your baby is developmentally ready to safely chew and swallow their food. When trying to decide if it’s time to start introducing your little one to baby puffs, we suggest that you watch for these signs of readiness: 

  1. Able to sit independently: good postural support is crucial for swallowing food safely
  2. Has lost the tongue-thrust reflex: this means that your baby doesn’t automatically push solids out of the mouth with the tongue
  3. Has good head control: good head control is important for swallowing food safely
  4. Is willing and able to chew: even if your baby doesn’t have teeth, they can use their jaws or teeth to mash food before swallowing to reduce the risk of choking
  5. Is developing a pincer grasp: this skill shows that your baby is able to pick up food and self-feed (more on this below and in this article)
  6. Demonstrates an interest in solids: this indicates that your baby may be mentally ready to try out solids. (baby may watch you closely as you eat, lean into food, or try to grab food off of your plate)
  7. Able to crawl with their stomach off the ground: crawling helps develop good body control and stability, while also helping develop oral motor skills inside Baby’s mouth

These signs help identify when a baby is ready to begin eating puffs. It’s important to remember that not all babies will reach these milestones at the same age, and that’s okay. Breastmilk and formula will continue to be your baby’s main source of nutrition through the first 12 months of their life, so there’s no rush when it comes to introducing your little one to solid food. For more information on introducing solids in a safe and stress-free way, visit this article

What is the pincer grasp?

Now that we’ve identified the signs that your baby may be ready to start eating puffs, you may be wondering about the pincer grasp and why it’s important. 

The pincer grasp is an important developmental milestone for a baby’s fine motor skills. This skill requires control of the small muscles in the hand to pick up an item between the index finger and thumb. Babies use their pincer grasp to pick up food, like puffs, and feed themselves. As they get older, this skill will aid in the use of holding utensils, crayons, and more.

Although pincer grasp usually begins to develop when your baby is around 6 to 7 months of age, it may take several months for your baby to really master it. In the meantime, puffs are a great way for your little one to practice their pincer grasp while experiencing a variety of new flavors. 

For more information about starting your baby on real food, visit The Ultimate Guide to Giving Babies Real Food.

What makes Serenity Kids puffs different?

You may find yourself wondering - Are baby puffs healthy? But the answer isn’t a simple yes or no. Not all puffs are created equal. 

Many baby puff snacks on the market contain added sugar or sweeteners and are made with low-nutrient grains like wheat or rice. These filler ingredients can be hard on developing digestive systems and are known to contain high levels of heavy metals

Serenity Kids’ Best-Selling Grain-Free Puffs provide a nutrient-packed alternative to other baby puffs. Not only are our puffs free from grains and added sugars and sweeteners, they are also free from common allergens like eggs, nuts, and dairy, plus unwanted ingredients like preservatives, GMOs, and additives. Instead, our puffs are made from ingredients like nutrient-rich cassava root, grass-fed beef bone broth for protein, organic olive oil for healthy fats, and organic dehydrated vegetables. These ingredients are not only nutrient-dense and high quality, their savory flavors also help to expand the palate during your little one’s critical flavor window

Growing toddlers love snacks! Our Grain Free Puffs are suitable for toddlers who can sit independently, use a pincer grasp to self-feed, crawl with their stomach off the ground or use their jaws to mash food between gums. Plus, they easily dissolve in the mouth - so no teeth are necessary!


With an assortment of fun flavors available, it can be hard to choose, which is why we offer these deliciously flavored snacks in our Grain-Free Puffs Variety Pack. Whether you are at home or on the go, Serenity Kids Grain Free Puffs offer an easy snack option without the worry of allergens or low-quality ingredients.

Written by Jennifer Wirth. Jennifer is a professional health writer, leveraging her scientific background as a Chemical Engineer to uncover the most interesting aspects of infant nutrition, pregnancy, and parenting. As a wife and mother of three young children, Jennifer is passionate about providing the best possible nutrition for her family. She believes that developing healthy eating habits early helps build the foundation for a long, fulfilling life.

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