Festive Reindeer Food for Christmas Eve

There's truly nothing like the magic of the holiday season than through our kiddo's eyes. While leaving cookies and milk for Santa is an obvious tradition, don't forget the reindeer! We like to make sure they're properly fueled for their all-nighter (with a recipe that's only two ingredients and super easy on Mom & Dad, too!) This reindeer food is not only cute to look at, but perfect for their midnight munchies.

Grain-Free Reindeer Food


  • Serenity Kids Grain Free Puffs (any flavor you have on-hand; we like to combine our Sweet Pepper & Basil + Broccoli & Spinach for festive colors, but any recipe works great!) P.S. Have a little one who left the lid off their puffs can? Don't believe in the five second rule? Stale puffs or puffs that had a run-in with the floor work perfect for this! 
  • Festive sprinkles, any type you have in your pantry leftover from cookie decorating.


  1. Gather up your grain-free puffs of choice and add into a jar or bowl
  2. Add sprinkles
  3. Mix together puffs and sprinkles
  4. Store in a jar and sprinkle on your front lawn, front porch, or leave on a plate for Santa's reindeer! 
  5. Tag us in pictures of your kiddos sprinkling their reindeer food out front or placing it out for Santa at @myserenitykids on Instagram or in videos on TikTok
  6. P.S. This recipe pairs perfectly with some organic carrots!


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