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7 Reasons Why Meats and Healthy Fats = Healthier, Happier Little Ones

7 Reasons Why Meats and Healthy Fats = Healthier, Happier Little Ones
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As a family that focuses on paleo-style-living—and consuming whole, grain-free food—we find eating hearty meals with a combination of meat, veggies, and healthy fats leaves us happier and more satisfied than eating a carb-heavy meal.

When it comes to baby food, many (cough, most) of the options are missing key ingredient pairings that truly matter for little one’s nutrition…high-quality, ethically sourced meats from regenerative agriculture + organic veggies + nourishing healthy fats. It seems that nearly everything these days is filled with sugar, carbs, and gluten, and it’s not much different when it comes to food for littles, too—fruit-heavy “kid food” like applesauce pouches, pasta, and chicken nuggets…

The reality is, babies and kids are better off nutritionally when they focus on a diet rich in meat, healthy fats, and veggies too. We truly believe #EveryBiteCounts…here’s why! 

1. Better digestion

Simply put, grains are actually pretty hard to digest. It may seem contrary to what you’ve been led to believe, given grains seem like a pretty mild food. But the truth is, grains contain phytic acid, enzyme inhibitors, and hard-to-digest proteins like gluten. Research shows that anti-nutrients like phytic acid bind to minerals like iron, zinc, and calcium and keeps them from being absorbed by the gut. Furthermore, the enzyme inhibitors in grains can actually inhibit the production of the enzymes needed to digest those grains (crazy, we know). Meat and fat, on the other hand, are actually quite easy for babies to digest and meat is a super ideal first food for babies!.

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Think Baby needs whole grains for fiber to support digestion? Think again. The best sources of fiber are whole foods like veggies, nuts, and seeds. In fact, if Baby seems constipated, backing off grains (especially refined grains) and increasing whole veggies and seeds (chia and flax are particularly helpful) alongside more fluids is your best bet.

2. Better satiety

The key to feeling satisfied without feeling full = protein + fat + fiber. Carbs, especially “naked carbs” that aren’t paired with protein and fat, can lead to uncomfortable feelings of fullness followed soon after by feeling hungry (or hangry).

3. Better blood sugar balance

Blood sugar balance and satiety are similar in that they both benefit from the same equation. Protein + fat + fiber also = better blood sugar balance. Protein and fat slow the introduction of glucose (even good sources like fiber-filled veggies) into the bloodstream. When glucose hits the bloodstream quickly, the body pumps out insulin quickly, which results in a crash as intense as the spike. 

4. Better flavor development

The flavor window is super important when introducing solids to babies. You can learn more about it here, but the gist is that we have a big opportunity to influence baby’s taste preferences by what we serve them in their first year or so of eating solids. This can have major long term effects on health, since it can impact the foods your little one will eat for the rest of their lives. Meat and fat have savory flavors which help train the palate to enjoy savory and crave less sweet (check out our new meat & herb purees, designed as an optimum food during the flavor window). 

5. More nutrient density

Well-sourced, high-quality meat (like ours that comes from regenerative agriculture) and nourishing healthy fats (like the organic virgin olive oil found in our pouches) are full of key nutrients that babies need for proper growth and development. Learn more about our sourcing and farmers here. In addition, these nutrients exist in forms that are well-absorbed by the body. Pairing fat with meat and veggies not only boosts satiety, it also helps certain fat soluble nutrients (vitamins A, D, E, and K) be absorbed by the body.

When little ones eat meat and fat they aren’t getting any empty calories, and with small bellies (and short attention spans at the table), Every Bite Counts®. 

6. Better quality of life 

All of the benefits mentioned above can also help improve overall well-being and quality of life, for babies, kiddos, and parents, alike. Families often find that their little ones experience better sleep, better moods (ahem, fewer meltdowns), better immunity, and even improved skin when focusing on a diet full of meats and healthy fats.

7. Serenity for all

The best benefit of all? Happier babies lead to happier moms and dads who have a little extra peace in their lives (which let’s be real, we ALL need). Serenity, for the whole family.

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