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How to Make Liver Bone Broth


We love making Della liver bone broth because it's packed with protein, healthy fats, and vitamin A (and she loves the taste, too!). All you really need is 32 oz of homemade bone broth + 1 oz cooked, pureed beef liver. 

Here's how we make liver bone broth at home:

1) Use two 32 oz. mason jars of homemade or store-bought bone broth. We like to use Belcampo Meat Co., Bare Bones Broth, or Bonafide Provisions; however, homemade would have more iron.

2) Use 1-2 oz. of raw grass fed beef liver or organic chicken liver (which we also get from Belcampo Meat Co.) and simmer gently in the bone broth on medium-low heat until just barely fully cooked, about three to five minutes. It should be brown on the outside but read in the middle.

3) Take half of the liquid and the entire piece of liver and liquefy in a high power blender.

4) Strain in a fine mesh strainer. You shouldn't get a lot of gritty pieces left over, it should pretty much be fully liquid.

5) Combine with the rest of the broth again and strain.

6) Pour into little four oz. mason jars and freeze.

7) Thaw and place into a bottle.

Della Carr drinking liver bone broth.Della eats two little jars of these a week! It's great for babies 6 months+ and can be fed to younger babies if they are formula fed. We recommend consulting with a healthcare professional first!

Use a little bit of the bone broth fat, if desired, but you'd probably want to strain it out because it becomes solid at room temperature. Pinch of Himalayan sea salt, if desired. Enjoy!

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