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Herbs for Babies: 6 Reasons Why They're So Great

Herbs for Babies: 6 Reasons Why They're So Great
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Just like the rest of our Serenity Kids family, our newest collection of “baby meats herbs” baby food is packed with farm-to-high-chair ingredients that make each pouched puree full of protein, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. What makes our new recipes so unique? Along with our fan-favorite ethically sourced meats, organic veggies, and healthy fats, we’re packing an extra punch - herbs, herbs, herbs!

While you can also find savory, tasty herbs in our bone broth line, we've added new ingredients to two of our best-selling meats: chicken and beef to create our NEW “baby meats herbs” collection. 

So, how are they different from our classic meat flavors? Baby food meets a gourmet culinary experience in our NEW line of meat & herb pouched purees: chicken & thyme and beef & ginger.

Herbs are amazing functional foods, but you might not think of serving them to babies. So, we’re here to tell you to think again! There are so many benefits of serving herbs to babies, little ones, and adults, too—read on for the full scoop!

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🌿 But first… what are the herbs? 🌿

Meet the rockstar herbs in our new meat and herb pouched purees that pack some pretty impressive health benefits alongside their amazing flavors:

Thyme—Thyme is a flavorful herb in the mint family. It is known to have anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antioxidant effects that may be useful in treating everything from intestinal infections to skin infections. It is also a good source of vitamins C and A which are both immune-boosting vitamins. The oil that thyme produces has been found to protect and increase the healthy fats found in our cell membranes.

Ginger—Ginger is a warming herb (some consider it a spice!) that helps improve digestion and motility (the movement of food through your body). It is particularly helpful for little ones who are still adapting to digesting real food! Ginger has potent anti-inflammatory properties and supports immunity.  It also relieves nausea and eases motion sickness.

Rosemary—Rosemary is a perennial woody herb with a long history of medicinal use for a range of health benefits. It is a rich source of antioxidants, boosts the immune system, and helps to improve blood circulation

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Okay, so why are herbs great for babies and little ones? Let’s count the ways:

#1: They expand the palate (hello, flavor window!)

We know that herbs are a source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. But they also contribute to helping to shape the palate during the incredibly important flavor window. The flavor window is wide open from 6-18 months, which means you’ve got a full year of baby’s life to shape their taste preferences for life! 

Studies show that early exposure to flavors and textures can make your child a less picky eater. By familiarizing little ones with more complex foods, flavors, and textures when their flavor window is most receptive, they are more likely to eat a wider variety of foods later. 

The uniquely savory flavors of herbs like the ones in our new pouched purees are ideal for introducing fun new flavors to form tastes and shape the palate during the flavor window (and beyond)!

#2: They encourage savory over sweet

Research shows that offering complementary foods without added sugars is not only advisable for short-term health but also to help establish an infant’s threshold for sweet tastes later in life. When babies start to eat, you have an amazing opportunity to help shape their palate by what you feed them, and feeding foods that are savory rather than sweet can help set them up for healthy eating for the rest of their life!

#3: They support immunity

All of the herbs featured in our pouched purees are known to have immune-supporting properties. And for little ones with curious hands that always end up in the mouth, a little immune boost is always appreciated, isn’t it?

#4: They are functional food

What do we mean by functional food? We mean food that serves a purpose, or a function, beyond just feeding a baby. For example, herbs can help boost immunity, improve sleep, manage inflammation, balance blood sugar, stabilize mood, and generally bring serenity to the whole family. At the same time - they are delicious and babies and toddlers love them, once they get a taste!

#5: They pair perfectly with meat

Herbs complement the savory flavors of meat perfectly! Not only are they nutritious, but they are also a delicious way to highlight the rich flavors of meat. Quite helpful, since meat is an ideal first food for infants, right? 

Loaded with healthy fat and protein plus iron and zinc to fuel the rapid growth of babies’ bodies and brains, the meat in our pouches is thoughtfully sourced from American farms that practice regenerative agriculture. 

Each pouch supports the sustainability of our Earth and the wellbeing of animals - as well as the farmers and ranchers who are dedicated to these important missions! Plus, pasture-raised meat is proven to be higher in vitamins, minerals, Omega-3s, and conjugated linoleic acids than their conventionally-sourced counterparts. Good for babies. Good for the planet.

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#6: They’re gourmet, on the go!

We don't think babies need only bland, single-ingredient purees, and we don’t want to confine our little ones to “kid food.” Our new pouched purees are gourmet, yummy, and just a little bit fancy. And the best part? They require NO time in the kitchen (we took care of that part for you), are designed for busy parents (and hungry little ones), our convenient pouches are ideal for eating anywhere, on the go, and adventures big or small. Have a healthy snack at home or pack them for travel or in lunchboxes. Every diaper bag needs a few!

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