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We know our Serenity Kids family is an environmentally-conscious one. We know you care not just about what you put in your baby’s belly, but also how what you feed your little one impacts the world around you. We know this, because we care too. It's why, in addition to making babies healthier, we are committed to leaving them a healthier planet.
Regenerative Agriculture


We hand-select the small family farms that produce our meats and vegetables, and have even visited many of them ourselves. The farms that we source from practice techniques that go beyond the standards required for organic certification and are dedicated to respecting and humanely treating animals and farming in a way that gives back to the land. This means that the animals live in a way most similar to how they would have lived in the wild, and are never given GMO feed, antibiotics, added hormones or pesticides.

Our organic vegetable farmers use innovative techniques to enhance soil health, conserve water, and promote biodiversity on the farm. They also generate electricity from their fruit and vegetable by-product using their own biogas plant. For more information on all our farms, check them out here!


Regenerative Agriculture
Healthy meat comes from healthy animals which come from healthy ecosystems. We’ve made it part of our mission to support regenerative agriculture and honor the farmers who lead their industry in forward-thinking farming practices. Early in the development of Serenity Kids, we realized that our company is uniquely capable of creating real change in our food system. Therefore, we solely source from farmers that use regenerative agricultural practices that go well beyond sustainability. The Regenerative Agriculture Institute describes these as "farming and grazing practices that, among other benefits, reverse climate change by rebuilding soil organic matter and restoring degraded soil biodiversity -- resulting in both carbon drawdown and improving the water cycle”.

Regenerative agriculture, and the farmers who practice it, help reverse climate change by contributing to carbon sequestration, aerating and shaping the land and creating a positive environment for all animals. This looks different for each of the small family farms that we source our ingredients from but every single one plays a role in utilizing these techniques to better the world we live in. Some of our farmers work closely with the Savory Institute, an organization which guides farmers into establishing practices that restore grasslands and mimic the natural environment. We believe that a healthy planet and healthy animals mean healthier babies and happier humans and by supporting regenerative agriculture, we can change the future for our children and for yours.


Initially, we were not happy that most baby food is packaged in single-use plastic pouches rather than recyclable glass jars. But it turns out that thin, flexible packaging creates a much smaller carbon footprint when compared to glass jars. That's because the pouches are smaller in size and weight, and require less fuel to transport. After conducting a lot of research on it, we found that it actually takes nine times more fossil fuel to transport a glass jar versus a pouch! Additionally, we found that only a third of recyclable materials actually get recycled, which means the vast majority of those jars get thrown away and end up taking 26 times more space in landfills than pouches. So while we recommend limiting the use of disposable packaging, rest assured that baby food pouches are a lesser evil.

What about everything else? Our cases are made of 100% post-consumer recycled material. And we're also incredibly proud to partner with a pouch manufacturing facility that is entirely solar powered! They generate more power than they actually use and send it back to the grid, reducing fossil fuel consumption in their entire region.


The process is simple:

  1. Request your free recycling envelope through the online order form
  2. When the envelope shows up in your mailbox, fill it up with 30 used pouches — you don’t even need to clean them first!*
  3. Drop the prepaid envelope back in the mail to TerraCycle.
  4. Feel good knowing that TerraCycle gives your pouches a second life!

* Pro tip: place the TerraCycle envelope with your used dirty pouches in the freezer until you’re ready to ship. This helps prevent any odors. Recycle caps in any standard recycling bin.


Our co-founder Joe's mom was raised on a small family farm in southern Missouri. He grew up visiting them and experiencing their harmonious lifestyle being one with animals and nature, while also witnessing the intense economic challenges they faced trying to compete with large industrial farms. Serenity Kids pays a premium for the highest quality meats and vegetables, raised and grown the right way, but we wanted to do even more to make sure these farms would continue to be around to cultivate nutritious ingredients for the babies of tomorrow. Because of this, we donate 1% of all profits to the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund, a nonprofit that offers legal support and lobbying to help small farmers have the voice they deserve and need to survive.


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