Our Planet

We know our Serenity Kids family is an environmentally-conscious one. We know you care not just about what you put in your baby’s belly, but also how what you feed your little one impacts the world around you. We know this, because we care too. It's why, in addition to making babies healthier, we are committed to leaving them a healthier planet.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Initially, we were not happy that most baby food is packaged in single-use plastic pouches rather than recyclable glass jars. But it turns out that thin, flexible packaging creates a much smaller carbon footprint when compared to glass jars. That's because the pouches are smaller in size and weight, and require less fuel to transport. After conducting a lot of research on it, we found that it actually takes nine times more fossil fuel to transport a glass jar versus a pouch! Additionally, we found that only a third of recyclable materials actually get recycled, which means the vast majority of those jars get thrown away and end up taking 26 times more space in landfills than pouches. So while we recommend limiting the use of disposable packaging, rest assured that baby food pouches are a lesser evil.

What about everything else? Our cases are made of 100% post-consumer recycled material. And we're also incredibly proud to partner with a pouch manufacturing facility that is entirely solar powered! They generate more power than they actually use and send it back to the grid, reducing fossil fuel consumption in their entire region.

The Process is Simple:

1. Create a TerraCycle®* account on their website.
2. Once in the program, start collecting finished Serenity Kids baby food pouches in the freezer to prevent any odors.
3. When ready, place the collection into any box you have at home and log into your account to download and print a pre-paid shipping label.
4. Seal your collection box, tape on the printed shipping label, and send it via UPS to be recycled.
5. Feel good knowing that TerraCycle® gives your pouches a second life!

*Participation Limited

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