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With no added sugars or preservatives, our allergen-free, grab and go pouch is a nutritious, low-sugar meal for your little one.

AWARDED THE CLEAN LABEL PROJECT PESTICIDE FREE AWARD. Clean Label Project tests for over 200 contaminants. To learn more, visit

We recommend waiting to introduce solids until a baby is at least six months old. In special cases, doctors may recommend introducing solids earlier. Luckily, we’ve created a great first food for your little one! As with all first foods that you give your baby, it’s a great idea to test for an allergic reaction to individual ingredients. You can actually do this yourself by introducing single foods one at a time. Having said all this, if your healthy babe isn’t interested in solid foods at six months, there is no reason to rush into it just yet. Trust your intuition and your baby’s – you’ve got this!

We asked this same question because we value protecting the environment in a very big way here at Serenity Kids. After all, we want to protect the future of our planet for the babies we are raising right now! We recognize that plastic poses a variety of environmental problems. While exploring glass packaging options, we were shocked to find out that convenient pouches like ours actually have a smaller carbon footprint than jars. Why? Because for every one truckload of pouches, glass jars will fill up 26 truckloads of the same number of units! Given the resources required to produce, transport, and dispose of glass, mixed with the overwhelming consumer demand for squeeze pouches, we decided to launch our company with pouched products. However, we are exploring other packaging options that we may adopt in the future depending on consumer demand. We are always listening to our customers so if you have a hot tip on new packaging, please let us know by emailing us. If you’d like to recycle your pouches, you’re in luck! Our partnership with TerraCycle allows you to request a free envelope to mail back your empty pouches to be recycled.

Yes! Our pouches are made from BPA-free plastic and the caps are recyclable anywhere that plastic is recycled. The pouches are unique because they are not recyclable in traditional plastic recycling because they are a mixture of different plastics. Therefore, we have partnered with TerraCycle to keep our pouches out of landfills. Simply request a free envelope, fill it up with used pouches, and send it back to TerraCycle with the included prepaid shipping label! Pro tip: place the TerraCycle envelope with your used dirty pouches in the freezer until you’re ready to ship. This helps prevent any odors!

We do not! Our pouches are shelf-stable because they are put through a high-heat, high-pressure retort process, similar to canning. When feeding your little one our purees you can feel confident that they are fully safe and free from preservatives.

A little known truth is that fatty meats are actually a great first food for your little one. A baby’s stomach already contains all the enzymes necessary to digest meat and breastmilk is animal fat and protein. Therefore, other animal fats and proteins are ideal first solid foods because of their nutrient density! You can read more about that on our blog here!

No. Our pouches are designed to be enjoyed at room temperature, but if your babe prefers them warm or you’ve stored an open pouch in the refrigerator, we suggest that you place the pouch in hot water or a bottle warmer. Do not microwave.

Unopened pouches can be consumed up to 18 months from the date of manufacture. You can find the best by date on the back of the pouch under the nutrition facts panel.

We recommend eating or freezing it within 24 hours of opening.

Thanks to the high-heat, high-pressure retort process (similar to canning) that our pouches go through, there is no need to refrigerate unopened pouches! However, once you’ve opened the pouch, be sure to refrigerate it and consume or freeze within 24 hours of opening.

Yes! Once opened, you can freeze the puree within 24 hours of opening. This way your babe can have it for later consumption! You also can freeze the entire unopened pouched and its contents – popsicles, anyone?

Our chicken and all of our vegetables are certified organic and are non-GMO project verified. Our beef and pork are raised organically, with no hormones, antibiotics or GMO feed. We source from small American family farmers that raise their animals exclusively on pasture in sustainable and regenerative ways which means they rotate the grazing constantly to avoid overgrazing any one area. This practice makes organic certification extremely costly because every inch of pasture on their entire farm would have to be certified. On the other hand, our Salmon is wild caught which means it also cannot be certified organic because it is not a product of agriculture. For these reasons, we chose to forgo the organic certification in order to support small American family farmers and use regeneratively raised meat, which is better for your baby and better for the planet.

Our products are not certified kosher to orthodox standards by any third party agency. However, our manufacturing facility does follow segregation protocols to prohibit any form of cross contamination. All our organic savory vegetable products are kosher pareve, free from dairy and meat. In addition, our ethically raised meats are sourced and humanely prepped to the highest of Global Animal Partnership standards.

The short answer is: yes. The high-heat and high-pressure process does affect the vitamin quality in the vegetables. However, you’ll be glad to hear that it does not affect the quality of the fiber or carbohydrates. It also does not harm the fat, protein, or mineral quality contained in the meat. This is why we always recommend that you feed your little guy or gal freshly cooked veggies in addition to our food. We actually dive deeper into this topic in one of our blog posts which you can check out here!

The safety of our babies is our top priority. We want you and your little one to enjoy our products, without question. Our pouches are manufactured in facilities and on lines that also process milk, egg, soy, fish, and wheat. While we do not test specifically for traces of these in between production runs, the machinery is washed using a hot flush that brings the water up to 140 degrees, and then is sanitized to kill any bacteria and prevent cross contamination. Further, all ingredients are stored in separate and sealed bins, and only opened in a sterile environment away from other ingredients. There is also a USDA inspector on-site who oversees every run to ensure these protocols are followed. We abide by the highest Safe Quality Food (SQF) food safety protocols which include good manufacturing practices like food testing, third-party inspections, and audits from start to finish so that your baby can get the safest most nutrient-dense goods.

Baby-led weaning is a process of letting the baby decide when s/he is ready to begin eating solid foods. Once they are six months or older, babies will begin to demonstrate interest in adult foods. Parents can use their instincts to determine when they are ready for solid foods and let them lead, rather than trying to pressure them to eat before they are ready.

The ratios of fat, protein, and carbohydrates in our baby food pouches represent an ideal balance of the macronutrients that your little one needs to thrive – and that includes necessary protein and fat! Babies 7 to 12 months old need at least 30 grams of fat and 11 grams of protein a day. Fat and protein from pasture raised animals have no added chemicals, and provide the healthiest source of these nutrients for the human body. It’s incredibly nutritious (and not to mention, delicious) for your little one! Learn more on our nutrition page.

Not at this time.

Yes! All of the protein in our baby foods comes from meat, and we are the only other organic baby food we found that has at least 5 grams of protein and doesn’t contain additional fillers like beans, rice, dairy, or oats.

Definitely not! Our pouches are put through a high-heat, high-pressure process after they are sealed. This process kills all potential pathogens or mold. The reports you may have heard about parents finding mold were all in pouches that had been processed using “hot fill”, meaning they pasteurize it first and then fill the pouches, which allows the small chance of contamination in between. Since our process is different, you don’t need to worry about your little one being exposed to mold when it comes to our pouches!

We were very concerned about this because we live in hot hot Texas. We chose a pouch that is extra durable and specially designed to withstand high heat up to 250 degrees. Our final pouches are also randomly selected and sent to an additional third party testing facility to ensure its purity.

Yes! Our foods fall under the “non-detectable” category, meaning our pouches are safe and free from heavy metals.

We think about fat a lot! We are committed to having at least 5 grams of fat in every pouch and we use organic expeller pressed extra virgin olive oil and avocado oil to help us achieve that. We know that pasture raised animal fats are the best, so we use those exclusively in our beef and bacon products. But we currently haven’t been able to find a good source of chicken fat or salmon fat, so we supplement those with the highest quality organic expeller pressed extra virgin oils we could find. We're always working to find better ingredients, where possible so if you have an idea, let us know by sending an email to

It is so important to us as parents to know where our meat is coming from. We are so happy to give y’all the peace of mind in knowing that we partner with small American family farmers who raise their animals on pasture, without hormones, antibiotics, or GMO feed. Our farmers practice regenerative agriculture, which means they graze their herds in a way that mimics herd behavior in nature and naturally improves the land. We are also certified through Global Animal Partnership which ensures that all our farmers follow humane animal care practices. You can learn more about our farmers and regenerative agriculture at the Savory Institute.

Yes, all our vegetables are certified organic by Oregon Tilth and are Non-GMO Project Verified.

Definitely! Feeding your baby off of your own plate, or making your own fresh purees, is always the healthiest option. Our food is great for when you are unable to cook, are on the go, are in need of a healthy and reliable snack to quickly hand your kiddo, or when sending them off to Grandma’s! Check out our Infant Nutrition Quick Start Guide for recipes and nutritional guidelines on how to make them their own food or our blog post where we talk in depth about this very topic.

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