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Our Reaction to the Toxic Metals in Baby Food Report

Dear Serenity Kids Family, 

Like many parents, I felt worried when I found out that many baby foods contain heavy metals. Nothing is more important to me than keeping my baby safe and feeding her clean, nutritious foods.

As scary as it is to read, I’m excited about the push for transparency and clarity on safety standards. My 2-year old daughter, Della, eats Serenity Kids pouches every day, and I created them so other parents could trust what they were feeding their kids. As CEO of Serenity Kids, I refuse to release a product that I’m not willing to feed to my own baby. Our team has carefully sourced ingredients so that we can meet that commitment.

Due to a long history of soil and water contamination, heavy metals are found throughout the food supply chain. It’s nearly impossible to have a product that is completely free from heavy metals unless it is highly processed and refined.  At Serenity Kids, we carefully vet our suppliers to ensure we use the cleanest possible ingredients. We use organic vegetables that come from trusted American-family farms that conduct testing on their own soil, have robust food safety programs, and undergo the most rigorous food safety audit, SQF Level III. Meats are naturally lower in heavy metals, and we source ours from farms with the highest quality and environmental standards.

Our ingredients are tested prior to purchasing, and we test our finished pouches once produced. Serenity Kids is one of the only pouched baby foods that has received the Clean Label Project Purity Award. Clean Label Project purchases products from retailers and tests them at an accredited lab for over 200 different contaminants including heavy metals, glyphosate, agrochemicals, plastics, lead, arsenic, cadmium, mercury, BPA/BPS and many more toxins. Because the FDA has not (yet!) set standards for US baby foods, we chose to follow European standards, which are among the strictest in the world. We are happy to say that our products meet the European limits!

I am committed to the safety of our products for my little one and yours.

With Love,



  • Serenity Kids

    We think we are the best company to buy from, Charlotte! :)

  • Charlotte

    Who is the best company to buy baby and toddler food from?

  • Diane

    It blew my mind when I heard this is an issue with baby foods. I recently learned of Serenity products from Bobby Parrish on his Instagram page flavcity. My granddaughter loves Serenity puffs!

  • Nancy Emilio

    Hi Serenity,

    Thank you for tackling this subject straight forward, it was a relief to read this message! I hope to share your words with other mamas.


    Nancy A. Emilio

  • Michael Hotz

    Great comment. We already get your meat pouches at Park Slope Food Coop. Hopefully you can replace the vegtable pouches from Earth Best with yours at our Coop soon! Please reach out to the buyer.

    lots of sucess and thanks for producing great food for our kids


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