Mombassador Mission

Play the MOMbassador Game!



Our Mission:

We make children healthier by offering nutrient-dense foods that taste great to kids and are convenient for parents.

Game Objective:

Introduce our products to parents in-person by handing them a free pouch and/or a coupon.

How It Works:

Sign up and receive a free box of pouches and coupons you can feed to your baby and give away to other parents in your community! The more parents you introduce our products to the more prizes you can win. After you’ve completed a level, fill out this form to get a new box of pouches and your prize. Sign up to learn more!

Levels and Prizes:

Level 1

Reach 10 new parents
Win a Serenity Kids tumbler

Level 2

Reach 25 new parents (15 additional)
Win a Serenity Kids t-shirt

Level 3

Reach 45 new parents (20 additional)
Win a Serenity Kids hoodie

Level 4

Reach 70 new parents (25 additional)
Win a air fryer or instant pot

Level 5

Reach 100 new parents (30 additional)
Win a massage from a practitioner of your choice


  1. A “new parent” is defined as a parent, grandparent, or any other caregiver to young children who is not currently using Serenity Kids products
  2. To count them, the introduction must be in-person, where you place a pouch or a coupon directly into their hand. Online reach or group presentations do not count. 
  3. Once you finish a level, complete this form to receive another box of pouches and your prize. 
  4. Number of new parents recorded is on the honor system.