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15 Healthy Snacks for Picky Eaters for Traveling and On-The-Go Adventures

When you’re traveling or on the go with little ones, snacks are essential. But figuring out what to pack can be overwhelming, trying to find the right balance between a snack for your little one that is both healthy and satisfying and one that’ll excite and occupy them. 

Nobody wants a hangry little one, and snacks that satisfy are pretty critical to preventing meltdowns. Especially when so many other parts of their routine are disrupted. So packing snacks ahead of time is one way to ensure that bellies are full with good stuff (and you aren’t stuck with whatever the closest gas station has on hand). 

Now, we’re all about taking the path of least resistance with little ones as we travel (yes, we do screen time on plane trips and long road trips!). But we also know that food impacts mood and behavior. We all feel crappy when we don’t eat in a balanced way that works for our bodies. So we’re compiling a list of 15 healthy snacks for traveling and on-the-go adventures. 

We hope this list gives you some inspo for your next trip or adventure. And if nothing strikes you as something your little one would eat, we encourage you to pick something to try. Oftentimes a change of scenery and context can be enough for a little one to try something new. You can also try serving a snack right out of the bag or out of a new snack cup. Sometimes the sheer novelty is enough to outsmart a little one!

  1. Serenity Kids Pouches: we had to start with these - they’re the perfect combo of healthy meets convenient - veggies + healthy fat + protein - what more could you ask for!?
  2. Serenity Kids Puffs: an actually nutritious puff that is excellent at occupying tiny fingers while it nourishes tiny bellies
  3. Nut butter packets: these make it super easy to spread on fruits or veggies on the go, or just eat straight out of the packet! We like the ones from Artisana Organics and Super Fat (just choose brands without added seed oils, sugar, or other unnecessary stuff that isn’t nuts and seeds)
  4. Hu crackers: grain-free and perfectly crunchy, the pizza flavor is extra fun
  5. Rhythm Superfoods kale chips and beet chips: these dehydrated veggies make some crunchy and satisfying snacks
  6. Gimme Organic seaweed snacks: love that these ones are made with olive oil not seed oils!
  7. EPIC pork rinds: portable protein that feels like a fun snack
  8. Carnivore Crisps: bet you didn’t think you could eat liver on the go - you’ll be surprised at how good these are and at how much your toddler will love liver!
  9. Lesser Evil Snacks: the grain-free egg power curls and veggie sticks use good fats and pack a little protein and veggies into your snack
  10. Natierra Superfoods - freeze dried strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries
  11. Black or green pitted olives: you can get shelf stable packets of these on Thrive Market! 
  12. Meat sticks/bars: there are a number of solid options that use high quality meat like The New Primal Snack Mates, Paleovalley beef and turkey sticks, and Singing Pastures Roam Sticks. Wild Zora meat and veggie bars also include veggies in a portable snack, the texture is great for little mouths too.
  13. Grain-free granola: Purely Elizabeth and Paleonola make great options full of nuts and seeds with no refined sugar
  14. Flackers: these crackers are nothing but seeds and some flavorings for lots of good fat and fiber
  15. Energy bites: it’s pretty quick and easy to make your own energy bites using nuts, seeds, and some dried fruit. We’ve got a great recipe here

Safe travels and happy snacking!

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