10 Tips for Traveling with Babies & Toddlers

10 Tips for Traveling with Babies & Toddlers
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Holidays are super fun with kids! But they can also be more stressful, especially when traveling. If you decide to travel this year, here are some tips that have worked for our family. 

  1. Everything takes longer! If you used to get to the airport 30 minutes before your flight, plan 1.5 hours to get through security with a stroller, go back to find a lost shoe, diaper changes, nursing sessions, etc.
  2. Snacks! Pouches with @choomee or @buonbambini toppers and other soft kids snacks, like bars, puffs, etc. Here are our favorites for Della but don’t forget to bring adult snacks too! Hangry mommies have less patience. Grab some meat sticks or snack bars. 
  3. Get help! If road-tripping, try to have an adult sit in the back with the little one to keep them entertained. On a plane, you can alternate who gets to hold them on their lap. 
  4. Plan for leaky boobs! If breastfeeding, bring a manual pump in case your child is asleep and you don’t have access to electricity in a car or on a plane. 
  5. Consider naps (and then just roll with it)! Book flights or plan gas/food stops around sleep schedules as best as you can, but remember that your little one isn’t a robot and might be too excited to sleep while traveling. Della fights sleep on planes until LITERALLY the descent 🤦‍♀️
  6. Noisy toys! We normally despise flashy, loud toys, but car trips are a good time to bust them out. Exciting new toys are helpful, but don't forget their favorite toy too! Della wouldn’t go anywhere without her stuffed possum for a whole year.
  7. Use screens! We normally limit screen time, but when traveling all bets are off - iPads, phones, portable DVD players, whatever it takes! We download Cocomelon on Netflix or shows from Disney+. Baby Einstein is also great if you have a DVD player. 
  8. Bring a baby potty! The Kalencom Potette Plus travel potty works as a child-sized seat as well as a stand-alone potty when the line is too long. 
  9. Rent rather than haul large gear! We’ve had bad luck renting carseats with the rental car. Now, we recommend BabyQuip for car seats, pack n plays, strollers, toys, and more. They even deliver right to the airport!
  10. Stay safe! Puffy coats make car seats less safe. Take them off and use a blanket instead. 

Got tips of your own? PLEASE share! Other parents want to know your travel success secrets.

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